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Brent Buffan 

Brent Buffan & The Ride is a hybrid artist. To hear him sing you would swear Billy Corgan & Enrique Iglesias had a love child. To see him perform behind his turntables with his guitar you would understand why he is a hybrid.   


To define Brent as a person would be impossible in a short article, but one moment in his life defined him as an artist. Born in Toronto, and growing up in Uxbridge, Ontario, music has always been Brent’s passion. From a choir boy to a dj to adding a guitar to his repertoire, he has always explored music from every avenue as a young man. It took a life changing event for Brent to find his identity as a singer/songwriter. April 6, 2008; the day he lost his father to cancer. This was the day he was inspired to enter the music industry for the first time as a recording artist penning his first song 1 year after. Following the impactful loss, Brent would spend the next years crafting song lyrics and guitar lines, wrought out of lifetime of pent up emotion. His inner battles and experiences with love were destined to find a home on his debut album "Cupid Wasnt' An Angel";  he would gather his songs and unite with a recent audio engineer student to capture the raw tracks at a little home made studio in Virginia Ontario. ‘The Bunky’ as its known, is owned by a mutual friend. It was originally a workshop built by Morgan's father, who had passed under similar circumstances to Brent’s dad. This circumstantial connection with the Bunky would help to create the melancholy atmosphere that permeates within the emotions of the tracks. Putting complete trust in the direction he was headed, Brent would begin the groundwork of recording very intimate tracks on the backdrop of a very unique style of production starting behind a bed sheet in cabin. ....;


"Buffan’s songs charge out of the stereo and into you’re head like a ghost train. A seamless melange of club beats, ambient pads, romantic folk guitars and soaring vocal lines – coupled with his frank, unapologetic lyrics, Brent Buffan’s songs take you with them, they’re not just songs or stories; they’re his memoirs." 

  Brent would soon cross paths with 3 time Juno nominee and 2 time winner Producer/Engineer Norm Barker. Having lived only 2 minutes away from each other the two had never cross paths until now. From here Norm would call on a long time friend to make a guest appearance on one of the tracks. The friend would turn out to be 2 time US Finger-style Champion Don Ross, Don would lend his world famous unique style to the track "Would It Make A Difference (I Belong To You) and give the album some needed momentum. Unsettled with the developing sound, Brent would pick up and move to Venice Beach California and form a 5 pieces band, after 3 years of touring Brent would return to Toronto with his sound. Drawing off his dj background and songwriting he would continue to turn "Cupid Wasn't An Angel into the acoustic electronic sound scape that he was searching for. A final 6 degree of separation would put the lead single "Give It Up" in-front of the ears of the grammy team responsible for smash hits by Nicki Minaj , Sia , Frank Ocean and many more. With this, the final pieces were in place as a guest feature on the single was added when Brent enlisted his friend Dani Rose. Dani is the lead singer of the band Honey County and her band was most recently rated by Rolling Stone as a" top 2017 Country bands to watch"

Give It Up; Feat Dani Rose is the debut single for Brent Buffan & The Ride and is geared to set a stage for the debut album "Cupid Wasn't An Angel"


"Music is something i've always had an unconditional love for in my life, it  just took  a bit of life to let me know my place in music." Brent Buffan

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